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Glassblowing in Biot

Biot became famous in the 18th Century for its ceramic and glass blowing handicrafts. At that time, these traditional crafts was purely functional as their sole purpose was to manufacture articles for everyday use. These traditional crafts have gained much acclaim as the knowledge and skill involved have been carefully nurtured. The largest glass blowing factory is the "Verrerie de Biot" .
The factory practises what was originally an error in the manufacturing process, which left tiny bubbles of air trapped in the glass. This lends a special charm and uniqueness to the finished product. In addition to the “Verrerie de Biot” there are many smaller glassblowing ateliers (workshops) in and around the village, where you can watch the artists at work; if you like what you see you can browse and buy their products in the small boutiques.
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Museum Fernand Leger

The famous french artist Fernand Leger (1881-1955) lived and painted in Biot until 1949. The dedicated museum "Musée Fernand Leger" is located 2 km south of the village. Unfortunately the museum is closed for reconstruction and modernisation at the moment but should reopen in 2008. A few of Fernand Leger's works are currently shown in the "Musée de Céramique" in the village, which also informs about Biot's history in a permanent exhibition. top of page
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The wellknown ocean and amusement park Marineland is located farely close to the village on the "Route de la mer" next to the sea. Here you can enjoy killer whale and delphin shows etc. Furthermore you also have the choice of "Adventure Golf" and visiting "la petite Ferme - Wild West" very popular not only with smaller children. More detailed information can be found at "Marineland"
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Food, Drinks and Shopping

Within the village all your shopping can be easily done on foot. There is a Mini-Supermarket and a "Epicerie", general dealer, who is open late and sundays and holidays. As well you will find a post office and a newsagent's. At the bottom of Biot Village you have another small shopping Center " Biot 3000" which more grocery shops, a wine-trader, a butcher, a hairdresser and several banks. (Also there are two cashpoints just at the village entrance). Tuesday morning is market day on the Place de Gaulle and in the "Rue St. Sebastian", where you find stalls as well as clothing and domestic appliances.

In and outside the village you will find a large choice of restaurants for every taste: pizzeria, typical french kitchen, crêperie and even a restaurant with Michelin star! Those interested in candle design, should not miss the shop 'Bougie de Biot' where Gary Simmons presents his unique interior candle design.
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Throughout the year, in every season Biot has plenty to offer for everybody. Please find below a list of the most interesting reoccuring "Fetes".

FebruaryFête de MimosaAnimationen, stands, music
MarchCourse CyclisteBicycle race
AprilFête de PrintempsSpring ceremony
MayVide GrenierFlea market
Fête du painBakery celebration
Apéros MusicauxJazz/Rock concerts on various places
JuneApéros Musicauxof the old village
Fête de la MusiqueMusic festival all over France, 21.6
Vide GrenierFlea market
JulyBal du 14 JuilletNational holiday in France
AugustFête de la St. JulienAnimation, common dinner
SeptembreFête de VendangeWine party
Marché ItalienItalien market
NovembreFête de la ChâtaigneChestnut party
DecembreCalendrier d'AventAdvent calendar designed by local artists
Animations de noelTombola, Christmas stands and artworkshops
Additionally you will find very detailed information on the official website of the Biot community.
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